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"Even though I can be a woman of many words, I have always been drawn to the invisible world, which is often indescribable. The world of dreams, to symbolism, to the world of meditation and natures breath. Trough Yoga Science and Astrology or the study of light, I've learned to enjoy life here on Earth. This practice allows me to root in this time and place and fascinates more and more each day."

The interest in Astrology is growing. A lot of people know their star sign, but what is Astrology really?

How can knowledge about one's own Psychological Astrology serve you best?

The ancient Yoga Science is such an abundant field of practical as well as spiritual guidance.

It's an ongoing adventure to find ones own path of accessible and sustainable Sadhana,

daily spiritual practice, the proof of the pudding is in the eating!


Star language.

Humans study the starry sky since time immemorial to help navigate through life.... Literally, such as at sea, in politics and even psychologically. We found the principle of micro cosmos within where there is a macro cosmos in the heavens above simultaneously pulsating. Together we are One. For centuries empirical research has shown that every planet in the sky represents an archetypal ability and need in our psyche, just as the Moon causes changing of tides, the planets and their celestial dance effect us in their own specific way.

Astrology can be a means to understand and help navigate trough Life. To me the key is presence, finding your path to individuation or Svadharma if you will. Even tho I LOVE astrology practice, I understand that projecting your purpose and wellbeing on the celestial dance is spiritual bypassing. You are the answer, astrology can lead the way you need to walk the path.

Contemplations on the spirit of Liminal time

"In this liminal time, we can evoke what really matters to us.

In this blog I contemplate the means to understand one self and the motivation that moves us to unfold in heart and soul."

Introduction with Gratitude

Before I begin, I want to take this moment to express my deepest gratitude and admiration for the family Hamaker- Zondag.

My teacher and mentor Karen, and her family who took me in as one of their kin. The foundation of their work continues to inspire me, for so many years now. Thank you, I am honored to share this.

Psychological Astrology

It is clear that ever since immemorial humans have studied the starry skies and heavens. Relating their life experiences with the celestial dance. Astrology is a symbolic language, evolved through the ages and appears to have effective coherence with the work of Prof. Dr. C.G. Jung. In such a way in-fact that the two clarify and enhance one another. Both rooting deeply into the primal experiences within the collective subconscious; in the archetypes.

Joseph Campbell, Marija Gimbutas and Erich Neumann have, among others elaborately displayed the deeply ingrained motives that manifest within ancient crafts, stories and arts.

Erich Neumann writes in the Great Mother*; "The symbolic imagery of the unconsciousness is the creative source of the human spirit in all its realizations. Not only have consciousness and the concept of its philosophical understanding of the world arisen from the symbol but also religion, rite and cult, art and customs. And because the symbol-forming process of the unconscious is the source of the human spirit, language, whose history is almost identical with the genesis and development of human consciousness, always starts out as a symbolic language." (p.17) As a physician and psychiatrist Carl Jung founded a structured foundation of the human psyche.

For now, sharing this simplified version, I would like to focus on the division between personal unconscious and collective unconscious. Dra Karen Hamaker- Zondag writes in "Psyche en Astrologisch Symbool"; "In this collective unconscious lies the source from where all collective motives everywhere around the world spring, these motives, as seen before, can at the same time play a vital role in the personal psyche." (p.3)

Archetypes & Symbols

When we google Wikipedia on Jungian archetypes we find the following; "Jungian archetypes are defined as universal, primal symbols and images that derive from the collective unconscious, as proposed by Carl Jung. They are the psychic counterpart of instinct......" Dra. Karen Hamaker- Zondag writes in "Psyche en Astrologisch Symbool"; "The best way to describe an archetype is as an 'underlying idea' or an 'immaterial idea' which already exists before the material form appears, just as the idea of a crystal structure is present in a chemical solution before the process of crystallization takes place."

Many of the great thinkers and scientist mentioned above, have pointed out that there are very few archetypes. Jung later calls them 'archetypes an sich' is mentioned in dra Hamakers work*. She writes; "The phrase archetype is often used in literature as the potential outcome: the archetypal image or the archetypal display. This is one of the many sources of confusion around this conception that is already difficult to comprehend." (p.4) On page 8 of the same book* she writes; "The archetype an sich is essentially psychic energy concentrated together, from where a symbol the appearance displays so that the archetype is made visible." Whether one perceives a symbol as a symbol is subjected to the perspective of the observer.

The astrological system can be read as a meaningful bundle of symbols, which perforce have an archetypal nature. Dra. Karen Hamaker- Zondag writes; "There will always be people who, due to their attitude to symbolism, have the ability to penetrate the world of symbols and the deeper meaning of several facts. To these people astrology as a language of symbols will be naturally accessible, at least to them the meaning of symbolism can support psychological development. At the same time there will always be people who aren't drawn to symbolism, and therefor don't perceive facts and appearances to have any deeper meaning, hence they stay what they are in the tangible world and the experiences though the senses. People who aren't familiar with the symbolic nature of the consciousness, will naturally have less to no interest and understanding for people who do live with a symbolic nature............. Within these complete polarities of psychological consciousness, and their polarized worldview accordingly, lays the deeper cause of the big issue around the 'belief' in astrology and the possibility of its effectiveness."

In my next blog I will take you by the hand and guide you trough the astrological framework, thank you for reading this.


* Psyche en Astrologisch Symbool, Dra. Hamaker- Zondag ISBN 90-6378-001-X

* The Great Mother, Erich Neumann ISBN 978-0-691-16607-0

Image above : Abyssus Volatile Fixum Inferior Superior,

Image below : Image of the Human psyche by Carl Jung, Tumblr

What does an Astrological consultation give you?

a Dynamic dialogue about you! In preparation I calculate your birth chart

Space to ask questions and interact during the whole meeting

Insight in personal needs and abilities, which can lead to acceptance

Insight in vital interaction with outer circumstances

Tools to adapt to current trends

A digital recording of the conversation and your birth chart send to you by email

What is the investment on your part?

I need your exact time, place and date of birth before hand. You can find this information on your birth certificate.

We will schedule a meeting of approximately 90-180 minutes, on location/ online .

For birth chart readings for humans of the age 12 and up I need their consent; I read preferably in presence of the child.

I work with Western Astrology, Tropical Zodiac, Placidus Housing System

Trough either private or relationship consultancy the charts provide an instrument to navigate though the conversation.


An In depth birth chart reading : 90- 180 min


Astrological forecasting : ±90 min

Relationship reading : ±90 min


  In loving memory of Anat Geiger. She is my first yoga teacher in this lifetime.

When I met her, I was still a young girl. Her being, practice and presence allows me to accept myself more, to be fierce when I am in doubt and to love myself. She taught me to be courageous enough to play and to be serious enough to take it all in. She was the first to share classical vinyasa yoga practice with me. Through all the layers of practice and devotion she found her unique path which she shared with such invigoration. She is left the body 18th of May 2022. I am forever grateful to have met her. Thank you.


The body needs maintenance.

We all tend to take our physical health for granted. I know I did!

Yoga teaches us that we are part of a bigger whole, and that we can be caring and compassionate for the Earth and all its inhabitants.

We learn how to live our lives more in touch with our inner Self, and quite naturally become more loving to ourselves and others, not harming anyone or anything.

Living with a heart wide open, without fear, without judgment.

I offer playful mix of gentle hatha yoga vinyasa flow, combined with mantra and meditation, at various locations outdoor and indoor.

Feel free to join in from all levels, we practice to maintain health and lubricate the joints.

I have experience with Rheumatoid Arthritis and Yoga.



From 19/5 2024 I will have my own studio at Weesperstraat 117 in Amsterdam


12:00 – 13:00 Yoga lunch break


10:00 – 11:30 Vinyasa Yoga


11:00 – 13:00 Astrology (dutch)


19:00 – 20:00 Bela Diri – Golok Tanding


16:00 – 17:30 Vinyasa Yoga

18:00 – 19:30 Kembang Meditation

Classical Hatha Vinyasa

Classical Vinyasa practice. Traditions as a starting point for a dynamic and fruitful practice. We practice Mantra, Contemplation on Philosophy & Rhythmic movement to breath. Consult the schedule above for info about the various studios.

Restorative Practice

Meditation is our natural state. "Restorative" implies that there is something to restore. Restoration trough "un-doing". We practice traditional yoga asana in a calm and gentle way with the emphesis on allowing our natural meditative state be revealed. There is space for private guidance and support in recovery on many levels.

Private Practice- Gupta

Gupta means "that which is hidden" sometimes circumstances prohibit us from experiencing yoga. Even though we are already whole, we might need to dive deeper to find or re-experience that which seems hidden. In this 90 min of 1:1 guidance trough Yoga practice we learn what there is to discover within and beyond. This in-depth consultation all exercises will be designed for you. Varying from, Mantra, Pranayama (breathing exercises), Asana (postures) all as a means to Meditate. Available through ZOOM and/or in the comfort of your own home.


09:15 - 10:45AM Classical Vinyasa (North Location)

04:00 - 5:30PM Classical Vinyasa (Downtown)

At Svaha Yoga Amsterdam


09:00 - 10:15 AM Classical Vinyasa

At Yogaschool Noord


09:00 - 10:15AM Classical Vinyasa

10:15 - 11:45AM Restorative Practice

At Rumah Yoga Amsterdam

08:00 - 9:30PM Classical Vinyasa Level 1 (Jordaan Location)

At Svaha Yoga Amsterdam


09:15 - 10:45AM (North Location)

At Svaha Yoga Amsterdam