Grafheuvel Zwarte Berg Meditatie 2023

Meditation on the "Zwarte Berg" burial mound. It is one of the largest burial mounds and solar calender in the Netherlands and Belgium from the Bronze Age.
The burial mound is about 1500 BC. constructed during the Hilversum culture by piling up heath sods. The remains of a burnt dead were placed in the tomb. This deceased received a bronze ax in his grave as a burial gift.
The old Europeans did know about power spots, the hill seems to be build on lay lines.
On top there is a very uplifting energy that changes as you go down the hill into the trench around the mountain, there is a more earthy energy.
Time doesn't seem to excist there!
Exactly to the east is also a smaller hill, the east the place where the sun rises, the place of new oppertunities....