Indonesische Spiritualiteit

5 personal spirits

Sadulur Papat Kalima Pancer.

According to Kejawen, every person has 5 personal spirits, guides, the Sadulur Papat Kalima Pancer. Sedulur Papat Kalima Pancer is an ancient Javanese philosophy with a very deep spiritual meaning. The five basic elements in this philosophy speak of the birth of a human being (a baby) that cannot be separated from the four associated duplications. This duplication is interpreted as an invisible brother or sister, who will guide one's life from birth to death, and will assist you in a succesfull life, and gives you mistical spiritual powers... 

Mantra for Sadulur papat kalima pancer: Mar, Marti, Kakang Kawah, Adhi Ari-ari, Getih, Puser. Sadulurku Papat Kalima Pancer. Kang karawatan lan kang nora karawatan. Kang lair saka marga hina lan kang nora lair saka marga hina sarta sadulurku kang kair bareng sadina kabeh. Bapanta ana ngarep, Ibunta ana mburi, payo ... 

Translation: Mar, Marti, Kakang Kawah, Adhi Ari-ari, Getih, Puser; My four spiritual brothers and sisters and the Spirit in the Middle. Those who received physical nourishment and those who didn't. Those that pass through the mother's birth canal were born, as well as those who were not. My brothers and sisters were born together on one day. Father stands in front of me, mother stands behind me; come ...(wish)... 

1 Kakang kawah = older brother - white, element air, HA NA CA RA KA. 
The Kakang kawah is the protector of your body and can make your wishes come true. He can move around and tackle any unsafe situations in the source. 
mantra: Kakang kawah puniku / Kang rumêksa sarira mami / Anêkakakên sêdya / Ing kawasanipun 
Translation: Older brother Kawah is the one who guards my body and takes whatever it wants; That is his strength. 

2 Adhi Ari-ari = younger brother - yellow, element water, PA ḌA JA YA NYA Adhi Ari-ari helps you achieve your goals. It symbolizes the element water, your life cycle. mantra: Adhi Ari-Ari ika / Amayungi laku ing kawasaneki / Ngênakakên pangarah Translation: Adhi Ari-Ari, nourishing all the actions of the child is his power, which helps to achieve goals. 

3 Getih - red, element fire, DA TA SA WA LA Getih represents your personality, your character. It is in your life energy, your blood. It also represents the temptations of life such as lust and anger 
mantra: Punang Gêtih ing rahina wêngi / Ngrêrewangi ulah kang kawasa / Andadekakên karsane 
Translation: And whether by day or by night, Gêtih help me in everything; he is able to realize desires. 

4 Puser - black, element earth, MA GA BA TA NGA Puser is the counterpart of Getih and represents peace, putting negativity to sleep so that something new can arise. 
mantra: Pusêr kawasanipun / Nguyu-uyu sabawa mami / Anuruti panêdha / Kawasanireku 
Translation: Pusêr accompanies all my activities and provides nutrition; that is his power. 

5-Pancer - no color or shape, element ether, expresses itself through sound, Kliwon Pancer is actually your spirit, yourself, your true self. So not your mind cognition but your feeling your affection. 
MANTRA/ Kalimane Pancêr wus dadi sawiji / Tunggal sawujud ingwang 
Translation: The fifth, Pancêr, has become one, united in me. 

Two other spirits, the Kidung Marmarti, Kiayi Mar and Kiayi Marti, your super ego, the feminine and masculine character, your intuition. They often express themselves through dreams. The Kidung Marmarti increases your spiritual development! 
mantra: Ana kidung ing kadang Marmarti / Among tuwuh ing kawasanira / Nganakakên saciptane

Then the keris Kiayi Senang Hati, who started all this... He first opend himselve by moving when it was in my hands. From that moment on, my life changed.

My personal keris Kiayi Megantoro, with the spirits from my ansestors Raden Mas Setjodiredjo and Raden Ajoe Siti Soetari (Macan)

Semar, i love Semar and allways have Semar with me...

The Tua of my Akar Bahar

The Tua of my Batu's, especialy the Batu Bacan i love.